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Today's Airmen need to learn more quickly, work effectively with their teams, and continually innovate to stay ahead in today's rapidly changing battlefield.

Beagle is backed by the Air Force and AFWERX to build a collaboration platform that drives effective team communication, training, innovative thinking, and lessons learned.

Our Technology

Our platform helps teams work together by integrating into your existing work, gathering input on decisions, and selecting the most important ideas to focus on. Then, our AI measures the quality of these ideas and automatically maps the team's thought process so they can easily pull it up at any time and build on what they've learned.


Coach and measure team effectiveness with custom-designed rubrics


Quickly iterate and achieve buy-in with our AI Analysis Tools and reports


Leverage AARs and debriefs with our visual map of decisions made

Our Solutions

Wargaming and AAR Debriefs

We embed a structured debriefing and reflection system into existing wargames to reduce repeated mistakes and increase team member performance.

Lessons Learned

We help teams reduce the time and manual effort to collect, collate, and archive lessons learned from many contributors, while increasing just-in-time usability.

Mission Planning

We guide teams to more creative courses of action and ultimately higher quality plans that can be quickly updated during execution, lowering collateral damage and fatalities.

Specialist Training and Preparedness

We embed critical thinking and problem solving skills training in any work environment to assess and coach innovative and independent thinking.


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