What Does Beagle Offer?

  • A proven inquiry-based learning framework
  • A software platform to facilitate, track, and assess student inquiry
  • Professional training for instructors
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What is the Beagle Inquiry Framework?

The Beagle Inquiry Framework emphasizes higher-order thinking, adapts to the interests and needs of diverse learners, and reinforces relevance through real-world application.


Set your Big Goal Question.

Students define a Big Goal Question that they would like to answer.


Move through the "Learn" cycle.

Students iterate through the “Learn” cycle by finding information related to their question, summarizing and reflecting on their findings, and developing new, bite-sized “Natural Next Questions” to kick off the next cycle.


Distill your findings.

Every 3 to 6 cycles of learning, students distill their learnings into a cohesive product, like an infographic, video, or presentation.


What does the Beagle software platform offer?

  • Pre-built, inquiry-focused templates guide students through question brainstorms, finding reliable sources, and summarizing their learnings.
  • Easy-to-use grading rubrics that allow teachers to seamlessly credit students for demonstrating core skills and push grades instantly to your school’s Learning Management System.
  • Mind maps where students connect their learnings, allowing them to visualize the connections between their findings and develop higher-order thinking and synthesis skills.

How does the software platform work?

  • An instructor opens the web app and chooses a course to launch and chooses from a set of pre-built assignment templates.
  • When a student logs in, they are guided step-by-step through a scaffolded inquiry process.
  • After finishing required work, students are brought to their mind map, a key metacognitive tool that allows students to arrange and relate their findings.


What do our users have to say?

“Beagle allows students and teachers to essentially ‘fall into’ the inquiry process with little previous experience and without extensive pedagogical training.”

- Pilot instructor, Riverview High School (Mesa Public School District, AZ)