Ready to try inquiry in your classroom?

Let us help you get started!

Beagle-led workshops and trainings allow instructors to experience the Beagle Inquiry Framework firsthand. We help you develop personalized tools, plans, and resources for launching inquiry in your course.


Engage Students with Inquiry-Based Learning Online

Learn how to help students become self-directed learners and effective team problem-solvers with this mini-master class zoom webinar. 

  • Overcome roadblocks to student engagement online
  • Master inquiry-based projects 
  • Receive our full structure and process
  • Learn-by-doing process, including group brainstorm and discussion 

60, 90, or 120 min sessions

Up to 100 attendees 

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An Introduction to Bringing Your Course Into an Inquiry Model

The participant-centered pedagogical training builds on instructors’ personal experiences to help them launch an inquiry model in their own course. 

  • Learn to help students ask and self-improve their question-asking skills
  • Small group coaching on adapting your syllabus
  • Rubrics, worksheets, and slides to use in your course

Half-day, full-day, or week-long sessions

Up to 15 attendees


An Advanced Course on Teaching an Inquiry Learning Model

This virtual training address participants’ biggest challenges and needs when teaching and facilitating inquiry-based learning in existing or new courses. 

  • Must-have discussions to drive student motivations
  • Tips for scheduling inquiry
  • Small group coaching on adapting your syllabus
  • Workbooks, syllabus examples, conversation examples

Half-day, full-day, or week-long sessions

Up to 15 attendees


Utilizing Beagle Learning to Implement Inquiry

This open coaching session supports total classroom transformation, helping you to master the Beagle Learning software and adapt it to your classroom needs.

  • Getting the most out of the Beagle platform
  • How to easily assess student work
  • Our model and method of inquiry
  • Using Beagle features to boost student engagement and outcomes

Up to 25 attendees