Complete a Question Brainstorm Assignment

What's a question brainstorm?

A question brainstorm is an opportunity for students to ask all their questions in a safe environment online.

This is typically used as a collaborative assignment where you and your peers brainstorm many new ideas, upvote those you think are most important, and then choose one to act on next and continue the project. 

How do I complete the assignment?

  • Log into your Learning Management System (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle)
  • Click the assignment in Canvas
  • Click to open Beagle in a new tab
  • Write a question based on the instructions provided
  • Click “Ask” to submit your question to the list
  • Review and read others’ submissions

How do I add more questions?

  • Once you have submitted your first question, you can click “Submit more questions”
  • Submit as many questions as you want at the top of the page

How do I upvote a question?

  • Select the thumbs up if you want to vote for a particular question