Make history meaningful and engaging

Pre-built project templates and software solutions guide students through a research journey driven by their own questions.

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Building a community of engaged citizens

Guidance without giving up your weekend

  • Create assignments instantly with research paper, case study, project, or presentation templates.
  • Utilize built-in grading rubrics to easily assess research and writing skills.
  • Get data that’s easy to act on with powerful AI analytics.
  • Integrate directly into your LMS.  

Unleash student agency

  • Beagle assignments empower students to ask the questions that matter. 
  • Students focus their work on a culturally relevant “Goal Question” that they choose.
  • When students are interested in what they're learning, motivation and retention soar.

Cultivate critical thinking

  • Beagle guides students step-by-step through complex analyses like finding and evaluating a primary source.
  • Students engage deeply with source material and distill and communicate their findings.
  • Students push their research forward by asking "Natural Next Questions" that move them closer to their goal.

Foster Collaboration 

  • Exploring history is a shared effort!
  • Beagle allows students to provide constructive feedback to classmates.
  • Students shape the next steps of their classmates' projects by asking insightful questions


Social Studies: More than just a set of texts

"Students become disengaged when instruction is limited to reading textbooks ... and taking multiple-choice tests that may measure content knowledge but do little to measure how knowledge is meaningful and applicable in the real world."

- National Council for the Social Studies C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards

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The Beagle Mission

According to the National Council for the Social Studies, “Inquiry is at the heart of social studies."

Beagle places compelling, student-generated questions at the center of the learning process. We believe that authentic, student-led exploration is the best way to shape the next generation of problem solvers and engaged citizens.

History comes alive for students when they seek and discover new insights into the questions that matter most to them.

Read more about using inquiry-based learning to make history relevant and engaging for your social studies class!


Experience Beagle in student view


But don't take it from us!

Here's what educators think about Beagle:

The structure that Beagle provides is an excellent entry point into inquiry for teachers and students at all levels of the inquiry mindset ... Beagle has allowed us as a campus to really implement inquiry not only as a class-wide system, but an educational mindset that students can access and take on across disciplines.

- Rob Sehl (Mesa, AZ)

I had tried to create a more student-centered curriculum, but it was too time-consuming -- and frankly too daunting. Beagle was exactly what I needed.

- Sara Collina (Washington, D.C.)

Riverview High School is faced with the challenge of addressing the needs of students with wildly different academic development in a single classroom across multiple grade levels... The Beagle inquiry method, coupled with the software, almost single handedly deals with these academic disparities.

- Ed Merrill (Mesa, AZ)

Source: mpsaz.org

Source: mpsaz.org


Mesa Public Schools District

We're working with teachers at Westwood High School and Riverview High School to run a variety of inquiry experiences, from week-long projects to term-long open inquiry classes.

Both high schools are using Beagle's software and instructional support to incorporate inquiry learning in core subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies!


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