Create a Goal Question Assignment

What is a Goal Question and why use it? 

A large, exciting question chosen by the professor or students that takes multiple iterations of Natural Next Questions and research to answer. It is a motivating and driving element of the course, project, or class session. It serves as a key checkpoint for students to self-evaluate where they are at in their learning progress.

Example Goal Questions

Here are some examples of Goal Questions from a variety of college classes:

  • What will the Moon look like after humans have settled it?
  • What is the future of theater in the time of COVID?
  • How will we find extraterrestrial life and what should we do once we find it?
  • What is the meaning and benefit of failure?

To launch an open inquiry research process, you must start with a Goal Question.

How do I create the assignment?

  • Log into your Learning Management System (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle)
  • Click your Beagle Instructor Module link
  • Click to "Open Beagle in new tab"
  • Click the purple "New Assignment" button in the top right
  • Choose "Goal Question" from the dropdown
  • Customize your instructional text for students
  • Set your due date and time
  • Set your grading preferences
  • Submit

How does grading work for Goal Questions?

  • Beagle only send grades to your Learning Management System after instructors grade the Goal Question assignment in Beagle.

Can students edit their goal questions?

  • Yes, students can edit their goal questions at any time. Click here for how students complete a Goal Question assignment.

More examples for setting your Goal Question

Watch this video by Dr. Lindy Elkins-Tanton how to write a Goal Question (used for a space exploration class).