Complete a Research Summary Assignment

What's a research summary?

A research summary is an overview of your key learnings from a source. Writing a research summary helps you think through what you understand and don’t understand.

Your research summary should answer (or partially answer) your Natural Next question (NNQ). Your NNQ is a bite-sized research question that you believe is the most important question to answer next to get to your goal.

How do I complete the assignment?

  • Log into your Learning Management System (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle)
  • Click the assignment in Canvas
  • Click to open Beagle in a new tab
  • Submit your Natural Next Question based on the instructions
  • Upload your source as a file or as a link
  • Annotate your source with your questions and comments
  • Add any notes or comments that you want to reference in the summary step
  • Add your citation (if your instructor requires it)
  • Write your summary according to the instructions

How do I review my work on the map? 

  • Once you’ve submitted your work you’ll automatically be brought to your mind map
  • Hover over the assignment that you want to view
  • Click the "view" button to then see your submitted work 

How do I review my work in the research feed?

  • Click “My Research” at the top middle of the main navigation
  • Using the left-hand sidebar, click the question or title of the assignment you want to view
  • You can then read your assignment submission

Other Tips

  • Upload your source as a PDF or image file to annotate.
  • For examples of Natural Next Questions, click here.