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We help teams with training, more effective collaboration, and strategic decision-making.

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Helping diverse teams ask the right questions

Think of the last meeting you sat in where the conversation was going nowhere. For a Fortune 500 company, this wastes 530,000 hours of manager time every year.

We integrate our productivity software and AI directly into collaboration platforms, such as Slack, to extract the most meaningful communications, accelerate team buy-in, decrease unnecessary conflict, and speed up decision making.

Our initial customers have seen an 18% increase in team member performance and up to 50% more engagement.

Identify most important team work items with AI Analysis

Measure team effectiveness with custom-designed rubrics

Visual map of decisions made and lessons learned

The Beagle Method

In collaboration with Arizona State University and referencing 60 years of academic research, we developed the Beagle Inquiry Framework, an active learning system that underlies our technology.

Teams we work with

Product, Growth, and Strategy

Sales, Marketing, and Client Services

HR and Learning and Development


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