Create a Question Brainstorm Assignment

What is a Question Brainstorm and why use it? 

A question brainstorm is an opportunity for students to ask all their questions in a safe environment online.

This is typically used as a collaborative assignment where students collaboratively brainstorm many new ideas, upvote those they think are most important, and then choose one to act on next and continue the project. 

How do I create the assignment?

  • Log into your Learning Management System (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle)
  • Click your Beagle Instructor Module link
  • Click to "Open Beagle in new tab"
  • Click the purple "New Assignment" button in the top right
  • Choose "Ask a Question" from the dropdown
  • Customize your instructional text for students
  • Set your due date and time
  • Set your grading preferences
  • Submit