Empower students to ask the questions that matter

Our online learning platform helps students develop critical thinking skills, boosting academic performance by 18% and class engagement by 50%.

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We believe learning begins with student questions

Our platform takes students on a research journey by compiling and rating their natural next questions and research summaries -- automatically organizing their process into a visual mind map.

The result? A student-led educational experience that seamlessly integrates into your curriculum.

Engage your class and improve learning outcomes

If you want answers, you need to ask thought-provoking questions.
We help students sharpen their critical thinking skills and become independent thinkers.

Student-led learning for all

We partnered with ASU and used 60 years of research to develop the Beagle Inquiry Framework.

This framework has been tested in over 70 classes and can integrate into any course to engage students in deeper thinking.

We're excited that starting in Fall 2020, the Beagle Inquiry Learning Framework will become an essential part of ASU's Technological Leadership Major.

How Beagle's platform works

Create and customize student-led assignments

Research papers, case studies, projects, or presentations can all benefit from adding student inquiry.

Set your preferences and publish

It's easy to configure settings for group work, peer review, due dates, grade book integration, and more.

Once your assignment is live, students can start posting their questions and research, building out their research maps, and reflecting on their progress.

Assess progress

Our AI analyzes class improvement and engagement from week to week.

Instructor community and coaching resources

Beagle's instructor success team and library of resources are there to guide instructors every step of the way.

  • Example inquiry project plans
  • Helping students learn to ask questions
  • Formative assessments and grading rubrics
  • Running remote discussions with facilitators

LMS integrated

We integrate directly into your LMS so that you can easily assess student understanding and guide them in their line of inquiry.

Security and privacy

We're FERPA compliant -- so you can trust that sensitive data is rigorously safeguarded.

What professors say

“Beagle has been a breath of fresh air in my Principles of Economics course. I feel like I'm getting much more input from the students.”

Dr. Koch
Olivet Nazarene University

“I feel more in touch with my students than ever before. I feel like I know their needs.”

Professor Pout
Arizona State University

“I had tried to create a more student-centered curriculum, but it was too time-consuming -- and frankly too daunting. Beagle was exactly what I needed.”

Professor Collina
Georgetown University


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