Update your Beagle Assignments


Beagle does the heavy lifting when it comes to "pushing" and "pulling" information to synchronize Beagle assignments with your Canvas course. Follow the instructions below to update your Beagle assignments.

How to update your Beagle assignment due dates in Canvas

To make a date change for a Beagle assignment in Canvas, you must load Beagle in a new tab to "pull" the new dates from Canvas and sync them with the assignments in Beagle.

  • Go to your Canvas Course
  • Click "edit assignment" for the proper Beagle assignment
  • Go to "Assign" and update the due date and open date
  • Click “Save”
  • Open a NEW Beagle tab by clicking ANY Beagle assignment or module link
  • Important note: Refreshing a Beagle tab you already had opened before you updated and saved the new due dates will not sync the assignments. You must open a new Beagle tab.

How to update a Beagle assignment in Beagle

When you make updates to Beagle assignments in Beagle, they are automatically pushed to Canvas after you hit Save and Complete.

  • Go to your Canvas Course
  • Click and open the Beagle assignment in a new tab
  • Once in the Beagle assignment, click "edit" in the top right corner of the overview
  • On the left-hand sidebar, click the numbered step you want to edit
  • Make the changes you want and click "Save and Continue" on that step
  • Click to the last step of the assignment and choose "Save and Close"
  • Your assignment is now updated for students. If you changed due dates or times, they will be automatically pushed to Canvas.