Load Your Beagle Assignments in Canvas


Beagle does the heavy lifting when it comes to "pushing" and "pulling" information to synchronize Beagle assignments with your Canvas course. Follow the instructions below to get Beagle to push your new Beagle assignments into your Canvas course.

Doing this allows students to get to each Beagle assignment from Canvas to submit their work. It also creates a column in the Canvas gradebook for each assignment.

First things first, you should have already:

How to load the assignments you've created in Beagle into your Canvas course:

  • Close the existing Beagle tab you have open
  • Go to your Canvas course > Modules
  • Click your unpublished "Beagle Instructor link"
  • Open Beagle in a new tab.
  • Beagle Assignments should now be automatically loaded in Canvas.
  • Click "Assignments" in your Canvas Course and look for the titles of the assignments you created. For example:
  • If for some reason you don't see all of your assignments loaded, please email with your name and details about what you're seeing.